Paint by Number - paint by number kits available for purchase which feature cats and kittens.

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Paint by Number Kits - Domestic Cats & Kittens

Cat's Garden

20" x 16" - A cat sitting in a meadow, filled with White and Peach flowers, watching a butterfly. Each kit includes 4.05oz of acrylic paint, pre-printed textured art board, paintbrush, trilingual instructions and chart.

Frederick the Literate

20" x 16" - Artist Charles Wysocki creates a feline so realistic the mice will stay away. Delightful tongue-in-cheek book titles add an additional layer of charm. This kit includes a printed canvas board, brush, acrylic paints, and instructions.

Stable Pals

20" x 16" - Framed by the barn door, this engaging animal trio appears to be catching up on the day's events. Using single and mixed colors, you will recreate the subtle shadings of their coats. Complete instructions for color mixing and applying techniques are included along with a printed canvas board, brush, and acrylic paints.

Paint by Number
Nap Time

11" x 14" - Oh so cozy are these two kitties, snug in a bed of hay. Don't you wish you could join them? Twelve colors of acrylic paint are used singly and mixed together to create this adorable scene.

Too Pooped

14" x 11" - The poor little kitty is just too tuckered-out to play today. Kit includes 12 acrylic paints, canvas board, artist brush, and instructions.

Paint by Number
Cats - 3 pack

11.5" x 8.75" - Set includes 3 pre-printed painting boards, two paint brushes, twelve large acrylic paint pots, three pre-printed practice boards and one 30-well palette.

Paint by Number
Musical Trio

14" x 11" - Imagine the wonderful melodies these adorable felines can make as they tickle the ivories! Kit includes printed canvas board, acrylic paints, brush, and instructions.

Paint by Number
Hang on Kitty

9" x 12" - Kitty sure has gotten himself into a sticky situation this time. Don't worryhelp is on the way! This adorable paint-by-number design is perfect for the intermediate painter. Kit includes printed board, 8 acrylic paints, and a brush.

Pony and Kitten

9" x 12" - These barnyard buddies are snuggling together to keep warm on a cold, wintry evening. Perfect for first-time painters, our kit includes printed board, eight acrylic paints, and a paintbrush.

Paint by Number
Cat in the Window

9" x 12" - Kit contains: stretched canvas, brush, 7 acrylic paint tubes, and instructions.

Paint by Number
Cats Montage

15-1/4" X 11-1/4" - Kit contains pre-printed canvas, acrylic paints, high quality brush, and complete instructions.

Paint by Number
Kitten and Butterflies

8-3/4" X 11-3/4" - Includes a pre-printed artist board, practice sheet, acrylic paints, paint brush and instructions.

Paint by Number
Flower Pot Kitten

8" X 10" - Look what's growing in this flower pot. This sweet little kitten in paint by number is perfect for beginners. Kit contains printed board, paint pots, brush and instructions.

Paint by Number
Keyboard Kittens

9" x 12"


9" x 12" - Includes textured board, one brush, seven quality non-toxic acrylic colors and full step by step instructions.

Paint by Number
Kitten on Books

approx. 9" x 12" - Kit contains: textured artboard, brush, 7 acrylic paints, step by step instructions and desk easel with paint organizer.

Kittens - Junior

5" x 7" - These cute and simple painting kits are perfect for the beginning painter with non-toxic paints, bright colors and fun pictures. Kit contains pre-printed practice sheet, pre-printed board, paint brush and acrylic paints.

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Pencil by Number Kits - Cats

Animal Pals

12" x 9" - includes printed board, 12 colored pencils, sharpener, and a numbered chart. An unlikely pair, these adorable pets seem to be best friends. Animal lovers will enjoy coloring this design. PencilWorks kits make great gifts!

Silver Foil Scratch Art Kit
Tabby Cat & Kittens

8" x 10" - Silver Foil Engraving Art Kit is easy to use and allows you to create fantastic foil artwork. You simply scrape the lines that are pre-printed on the board. Practice board and scraping tool included. Ideal for ages 8 and up.
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